National Taiwan Ocean University Student Club Organizational Rules

National Taiwan Ocean University

Regulations for Student Club Organization

Amended and approved by the Student Affairs Meeting on November 21, 2002.

Amended and approved by the Student Affairs Meeting on June 2, 2011.

Amended and approved by the Student Affairs Meeting on May 23, 2017.

Amended and approved by the Student Affairs Meeting of the first semester of the 2022 academic year on October 19, 2022.

Promulgated on November 7, 2022, through Hai-Xue-Ke-Zi No.1110024728.

Chapter 1  General Provisions

Article 1     To cultivate students’ social qualities, develop leadership skills, guide the healthy development of student clubs, establish a service-oriented mindset, encourage academic research, enrich leisure life, and foster a positive university culture, these regulations are established.

Article 2     These regulations apply to all student clubs at the University. Except as otherwise provided by government laws, these regulations shall be followed. Matters not covered in these regulations shall be governed by other relevant university regulations.

Chapter 2  Establishment of Student Clubs

Article 3     The procedure for organizing a club is as follows:

1.    Application for the establishment of a new club should be made during the semester.

2.    The initiator must be a current student of the University. An application for the establishment of a student club, along with a draft of the club’s constitution, must be submitted to the Division of Extracurricular Activities for registration as a provisional club.

3.    Registered clubs must convene a founding meeting within fifteen days, and notify the Division of Extracurricular Activities in writing three days prior to the meeting for staff attendance.

4.    Within one week of the founding meeting, a copy of the club's constitution, meeting records, and lists of officers and members should be submitted to the Division of Extracurricular Activities for record-keeping.

Article 4     The student club constitution should include the following:

1.    Preamble (club name, establishment date, address, flag, and emblem).

2.    Purpose of the club.

3.    Organizational structure and authority.

4.    Duties of club officers (names, number of officers, term, authority, election, and dismissal).

5.    Membership admission, withdrawal, expulsion, rights, and obligations.

6.    Convening and decision-making methods of the general assembly and other meetings.

7.    Establishment and authority of supervisory bodies.

8.    Financial, accounting, cashier procedures, and fee collection and refund mechanism (annual membership fee collection is the principle).

9.    Supplementary: Procedures for amending the constitution, and date of constitution establishment.

10.  Others.

Article 5     Provisional clubs, from their establishment date, shall be guided by an advising teacher appointed by the Division of Extracurricular Activities. Provisional clubs may participate in student group evaluations. A score of sixty or above qualifies the club for official club status.

Chapter 3  Organization of Student Clubs

Article 6     Membership of a club is limited to currently enrolled students of the University, and members should enjoy rights and fulfill obligations as defined in the club's constitution.

Article 7     The club leader is responsible for internal management and accountable to the general assembly of members; externally, the leader represents the club, operating under a presidential responsibility system.

Article 8     The club leader should meet the following qualifications:

1.    No minor demerits recorded in the past year, and no major demerits during the period of study at the University.

2.    Candidates should have the total academic grades average above 60 in the previous semester, with failing credits not exceeding half, and conduct grades above 80.

Article 9     Club leaders are elected annually and may be re-elected once.

Article 10   Elected club leaders should attend the "Club Leaders Training Session" held annually. If unable to attend, a representative should be sent on their behalf.

Article 11   In the absence of the club leader, another election should be held, unless the club's constitution provides for an acting leader.

Article 12   Club resolutions require the attendance of more than one-third of the members, with agreement from more than half of the attendees. Changes to the club's purpose or dissolution require the agreement of more than three-quarters of attendees; resolutions concerning amendments to the constitution or disposal of club property require the agreement of more than two-thirds of attendees.

Chapter 4  Activities of Student Clubs

Article 13   The University may appoint an advising teacher to facilitate club activities.

Article 14   Clubs should plan their annual activities, which must be approved by the Division of Extracurricular Activities before implementation.

Article 15   Club activities are primarily self-funded, but financial assistance can be requested from the University if necessary.

Article 16   After each activity, the club must complete financial accounting within fourteen days. At the end of each semester, the club should prepare a financial report for review and approval at the general assembly, then publicize it and keep a copy for record.

Article 17   Misuse of club funds, such as false reporting, misappropriation, or waste, may result in the Division of Extracurricular Activities taking actions including demanding repayment, compensation, and stopping future financial assistance.

Article 18   Clubs have an obligation to accept tasks commissioned by the University.

Article 19   Student clubs are internal organizations of the University, and their activities are primarily within the campus, except for special cases approved by the Student Affairs Office or as required by educational authorities and laws. For external correspondence, clubs should process through the Division of Extracurricular Activities.

Chapter 5  Publications of Student Clubs

Article 20   Clubs may publish materials, with publication procedures to be established separately.

Chapter 6  Evaluation of Student Clubs

Article 21   Clubs may participate in student group evaluations, with the evaluation procedures to be established separately.

Chapter 7  Rewards and Penalties for Student Clubs

Article 22   Club leaders, staff, or members exhibiting any of the following commendable behaviors should be rewarded:

1.    Inspiring patriotism with outstanding achievements.

2.    Eagerly serving students, the University, or the community.

3.    Exhibiting good behavior that enhances the University's reputation.

4.    Organizing academic activities that improve the academic atmosphere of the University.

5.    Excellently promoting club work with dedication and excellent performance.

Article 23   Any club leader, officer, or member violating government laws or University regulations, in addition to personal discipline, may result in the club facing penalties like warnings, suspension of activities, reorganization, or dissolution by the Student Affairs Office. Those dissatisfied with the decision can appeal to the University's Student Complaints and Appeals Committee.

Chapter 8  Supplementary Provisions

Article 24   Forms for the application of these regulations, unless otherwise specified, will be uniformly prepared by the Division of Extracurricular Activities.

Article 25   These regulations shall be implemented after approval by the Student Affairs Meeting.

Note:  These regulations are formulated in Chinese. In case of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.