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The usage and maintain of air-conditioning

The air-conditioning outdoor unit fence is only provided for maintenance personnel.

Except for maintenance personnel, outdoor units and fences are prohibited from climbing, placing objects, etc.

Violators shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 15 Item 14 of the Student Dormitory Management Regulations.

The notice of using the air conditioner

1.    It is recommended that the temperature of the air conditioner be turned on and the room temperature should not exceed 5 degrees.

(ex: the room temperature is 33 degrees, and the temperature of the air conditioner is 28 degrees, if the temperature of the air conditioner is 27 degrees, it will consume more power. When the air conditioner temperature drops to 28 degrees, adjust it to 27 degrees.)

2.   Don’t go in and out too frequent when open the air-conditioner.

3.   It is recommended that don’t turn off the air-conditioner, if you just want to go out for 1~2 hours after opening it.

It consumes less power if you turn the temperature to 29 degrees before you go out. Then adjust the desired temperature when you come back.

4.   Keep the room ventilated at ordinary times, clean the environment regularly to avoid piles of debris and dust accumulation.

Because of air convection, when the air-conditioner operating, dust tends to adhere to the body and the filter, which will affect the effective of the usage of the air-conditioner.

How to clean the filter?

1.    How to remove the filter? (Please click here to see the film.)

2.   Timing of cleaning

(1)    Regular cleaning: It is recommended 1~2 weeks clean once in the summer, non-summer is recommended 1 month clean once.

(2)   When the filter clean light flash or light, it means that the filter have stain need to be clean.

   After clean, please borrow the wireless remote from the dormitory counter to eliminate the light signal.

3.   The notice of cleaning the air conditioner

(1)    Before you remove the filter, please borrow stairs from the dormitory counter, and use it carefully.

(2)   Don’t use chemicals or hot water, nor use brushes to clean.

(3)   After using cold water clean, place it in the cool place to dry and avoid direct sunshine. (Special oil stains, please use a neutral detergent and gently clean to avoid damage to the filter.)

   Please refer to Attachment 1 for the air-conditioner operating instructions. (This is an excerpt from the key abstracts in the original factory manual; please go to the academic information system of NTOU for repair the air-conditioner.)

   The usage of air-conditioner wireless remote please refer to Attachment 2.

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