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Mail And Package Delivering

How should residential students send luggage, receive letters and packages?

The method of mailing and receiving letters and packages are as follows.

Address Writing


Senders' names, addresses and zip codes


(Addressee) Name

Dorm & Room No. Second Female Dormitory, Room OOO

Addresses 2 Pei-Ning Road, Keelung , 20224 Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Cellphone No. 09××××××××

If you want to receive your mail or package fast and correct, please remember write down your dorm name and room number. Of course, don’t miss our university’s address or dormitory’s address.

The way to pick your mail and parcel

Ordinary mail

The Division of Dormitory Guidance will help to get the mail into the mail box, students can check up the mail box whether there have mail.

Registered Mail and Small Package

The Division of Dormitory Guidance will help to pick up from mail room, please bring your Student Card to “Dormitory Counter” to receive it.

Normal Parcel and Large Mail

You can go to E-mail query system (https://post.ntou.edu.tw/search.html) first. Check whether it has delivered to mail room, then bring your Student Card to “Mail Room” to pick up.

Express Mail, Express Parcel, and Other Package

Please contact the delivery person and pick up the package by yourself! Or you can register at the dormitory counter in advance, then bring your Student Card to “Dormitory Counter” to pick up.

   If you are not stay in the dormitory or doesn’t register at dormitory counter, use the payment with cash on delivery, and deliver the refrigerated cargo. We won’t help to pick up the parcel.

   Because there have various way of scam, we must confirm that the package of the students will be delivered to the dormitory. IF we can’t confirm whether the parcel is true or not, we will let the delivery person to contact with you or deliver next time.

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