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National Taiwan Ocean University Student Club Organizational Rules

National Taiwan Ocean University Student Club Organizational Rules

Amendment adopted by the Student Affairs Meeting on November 21, 2002

Amendment adopted by the Student Affairs Meeting on June 2, 2011

Amendment adopted by the Student Affairs Meeting on May 23, 2017

Chapter One          General provisions

Article 1                 These rules are formulated for the purpose of building team spirit, cultivating leadership, providing guidance for the robust development of student clubs, inspiring students to help others, encouraging academic research, enriching students’ leisure time and creating excellent school atmosphere.

Article 2                 These rules apply to all student clubs of the University unless the laws or regulations enforced by the government stipulate otherwise. However, any matter which is not provided for herein shall be subject to other regulations of the University.

Chapter Two         Establishment of student club

Article 3                 The procedure of establishing a student club is as follows:

1. The application for registration of a new student club shall be made during the semester.

2. The organizers shall be current students of the University. When the application for establishing a student club is made, the student club application form which has been filled out and a draft organization charter for the club shall be submitted to the Division of Extracurricular Activities, so the club can be registered as a preliminary club.

3. A student club which has already been registered shall convene the inaugural general meeting within 15 days. A written notice shall serve to the Division of Extracurricular Activities at least three days before the inaugural general meeting is held, requesting the Division to dispatch its staff to attend the meeting.

4. The organizational charter of the club, inaugural general meeting minutes and lists of club officers and club (association) members shall be sent to the Division of Extracurricular Activities for future inspection within one week after the inaugural general meeting is held.

Article 4                 The club charter shall clearly specify the following:

1. General outline (club name, time of establishment, club address, club flag, club logo);

2. Founding purpose;

3. Club organization and assignment of positions;

4. Duties of club officers (names of officers, number of officers, terms of office, authority, election, leaving office);

5. The conditions for joining, leaving, or being expelled from the club, member’s rights and obligations;

6. Convening and resolution adoption methods of the inaugural general meeting and other meetings;

7. Establishment of supervising institution and its power;

8. Expenditures and accounting, cashier;

9. Supplementary provisions: regulations governing amendment to the charter; the year, month and day on which the charter is adopted; and

10. Others.

Article 5                 The Division of Extracurricular Activities shall appoint a supervising teacher to provide guidance for the club beginning from the founding of the preliminary student club. Preliminary clubs shall participate in the club evaluation and will be promoted to official clubs if they score more than 60 points in the club evaluation.

Chapter Three       Organization of student club

Article 6                 Members of student clubs shall be limited to current students of the University only and they shall enjoy their rights and discharge their obligations according to the club charters.  

Article 7                 The responsible person of a club shall internally be in charge of club affairs and also be accountable to the general meeting of club members, and shall externally represent the club. The responsible person of the club shall take full responsibilities for the club. 

Article 8                 The person responsible for a student club shall meet the following requirements:

1. Has not been given a minor demerit in the past year, and has never been given any punishment which is more severe than major demerit during his or her studies in the University.

2. The candidate’s grade average is no less than 60 points, the course credits with failing grades do not reach one half of the total course credits and the ethical conduct is better than 80 points for the previous semester.

Article 9                 The person responsible for a student club shall be elected every year and can only be re-elected once.

Article 10               The person responsible for a club shall participate in the “club officers’ seminar” held in the same year after being elected. If he or she cannot attend the seminar, he or she shall appoint a club officer to represent him or her to attend the seminar instead.

Article 11               In the event that the person responsible for a student club is unable to exercise his or her power and duties, an election shall be held. However, if the said student club has its own delegation rule, the club’s rule shall apply. 

Article 12               No student may be the responsible person of more than two student clubs (inclusive).

Article 13               The resolution of a student club shall be adopted by more than a majority of the club members present who represent one third of the total eligible club members. However, in the event of a resolution to amend the club mission or dissolve the club, consent from at least three fourths of the club members present is required. A resolution to amend club chapter or dispose of club assets shall require consent from at least two thirds of the club members present. 

Chapter Four        Student club activities

Article 14               In order to ensure the smooth operation of club activities, the University may hire supervising teachers to provide guidance for student clubs. 

Article 15               Student clubs shall formulate and submit the planning of their annual activities to the Division of Extracurricular Activities for approval before the planned activities can be implemented.  

Article 16               The budget of student clubs shall be contributed by club members. Student clubs may apply to the University for subsidies if the circumstances so warrant.

Article 17               Student clubs shall complete the revenues and expenditures verification procedure of an activity no later than 14 days after the activity is held. Upon the end of each semester, student clubs shall produce a revenues and expenditures report for the semester and submit the report to the general meeting of club members for review and approval. The approved report shall be publicized for credit investigation and filed for future inspection.   

Article 18               If the expenditures of a student club are inflated, misused or wasted, the Division of Extracurricular Activities may move the person responsible for the club and students concerned for discipline, and the Division may, in addition thereto, require the repayment before the stipulated deadline as well as compensation and suspend the subsequent subsidy applications.

Article 19               Student clubs are under the obligation to undertake tasks entrusted by the University.

Article 20               Student clubs are organizations inside the University. The scope of their activities shall be limited inside the campus unless otherwise stipulated by the educational administration authority, regulated by government laws and regulations, or approved by the Office of Student Affairs due to the club’s special nature. If a student club needs to contact an outside party, it shall report to the Division of Extracurricular for the latter to act on the club’s behalf. No student club is permitted to issue any official letter in its own name to an outside party.

Chapter Five         Student club publication

Article 21               Student club publication shall be regulated by separate regulations which will subsequently be formulated.

Chapter Six            Evaluation of student clubs

Article 22               Student clubs shall receive regular evaluations with the evaluation regulations to be formulated.  

Chapter Seven       Reward and punishment of student clubs

Article 23               If the responsible person for a student club, club officer or member has any of the following conduct, he or she shall be rewarded.

 1. Inspire patriotism with significant contribution;

 2. Help schoolmates, the University or the society with great enthusiasm; 

 3. Promote the University’s reputation with outstanding performance;

 4. Hold academic activities to promote studying atmosphere; 

 5. Make great efforts to promote club work with outstanding performance.

Article 24               If the conduct of the responsible person for a student club, club officer or member violates the law or regulation enforced by the government, the University’s rules, not only the violating individual is subject to discipline, but the Office of Student Affairs may issue a warning to the student club, suspend the club activities for a period of time or reorganize or dissolve the club. Anyone who opposes the decision of the Office of Student Affairs may appeal to the University’s Student Appeal Review Committee to appeal the decision.

Chapter Eight        Supplementary provisions

Article 25               The forms and booklets herein shall be uniformly produced by the Division of Extracurricular Activities unless otherwise stipulated.

Article 26               These rules shall be announced and implemented after being adopted by the Student Affairs Meeting. 

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