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Setting Internet

The Internet is currently outsourced for Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd., which is responsible for providing network operation services.

-Using Method-

Step 1

Please follow the set of account passwords provided by the school, complete

the setting of the operating system of the personal computer (Win10, Mac OS) through PPPoE identity verification.

Step 2

Enter the account number of the personal lodging network (HN code is 8 number) and password in order, and you can go online. (User name is HN number@hinet.net, ex: 76098888@hinet.net)

   The dormitory network only provided Internet service, and all the other value-added services are not provided.

-Repair Method-

Excludes the personal computer factors. If you have any problems with the Internet, please dial Chunghwa Telecom 24-hour customer service number 0800-080-412 or “Voice online customer service”.

When reporting for repairs, please provide relevant information:

1.       Circuit number: 2422YOOOOOO.

2.      HN account: 760OOOOO.

3.      The location is “National Taiwan Ocean University OO Dormitory OOO Room O Bed”.

4.      Please leave your personal phone number and inform the customer service staff. The maintenance staff must connect with you before repairing.

   Chunghwa Telecom is responsible for network maintenance, excluding student’s own HUB and back-end network cables.

-Academic Requirements-

If you need to log in to the website of the special restricted academic network IP to solve the problem of not being able to use the electronic resources ordered by the school outside the school. Hence, Integrate the "Ocean University Electronic Postal System" with the "Proxy Server" and "SSL VPN", and the two services operate independently, you can choose to meet your own needs and habits, and provide readers to obtain the school’s IP address outside the school through the service for convenient use. Please refer to Office of Library and Information Technology web teaching (click me).

-Internet fee-

The dormitory fee includes the internet fee.

-Network Bandwidth-

Each person’s information socket provides 12M/3Mbps.

- Management Method –

Provided by the winning bidder’s network management system. Keep online records within three months, provide 24-hour customer service number, and deal with obstacle reports within one working day.

-Other Service-

Free wireless network CHT Wi-Fi hotspots in the social hall on all floors.

If you have any campus network problems, please refer to Office of Library and Information Technology website teaching or asking Division of Campus Network (ext. 2113).

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