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Many students encounter a variety of personal, social, career, and academic issues that call for assistance beyond advice provided by friends and family. Fortunately, the Counseling Center provides free and confidential services by professional counselors to all NTOU students.

Our Service:

1.Individual counseling

  Individual counseling is a process, which through interaction with the counselor, once a week, each time 50 minutes ,helps students clarify their problems,discuss your harassment and share your motion and the mood story with you together ,seeks a possible solution.

If you are interested in Individual counseling services and would like more information, you may contact our service center

2.Group counseling

  Group counseling  involves 8-12 students meeting with 1 trained counselor, typically once a week for 90~100minutes. In a process,Group members talk about a variety of issues including exploring relationships,you can share the own mood,viewpoint and feeling with others. The topic of the party can be divided into:career planning, social interaction, pressures adjustment etc...

If you are interested in group counseling services and would like more information, you may contact our service center

3.Psychology Consultation

   If you are a student or staff member of a National Taiwan Ocean University, you are welcome to call the +886-2-2462-2192 (1195~1199), and speak with a counselor regarding your concerns. Counselor concerns about your mental health and help you toward getting assistance and support.