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Introduction to Dormitory

Dormitory Map

There are presently five student dormitory buildings, supplying 2,885 people’s stay: 1,020 beds for female students and 1,865 beds for male students.

Introduction to Dormitory


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On-campus Dormitory

Bedrooms are designed for 4 students each and the lodging qualification is decided by lot.  However, in order to help freshmn adapt to this new environment and to avoid inconvenience in renting house, beds are reserved for all freshman (it is necessary to apply for it on the Internet; if demand is excessive, qualification is decided by lot according to one’s household register place).

Period of living in on-campus dormitory

Generally, it is one year (including winter vacation, excluding summer vacation), and cooperate in winter vacation for concentration.

Off-campus Dormitory

Currently, we are having one off-campus male dormitory for the international students, located at Xiangfeng Street. Presently there are 63 beds.

Period of living in off-campus dormitory

Generally, it is one year (including winter vacation, and summer vacation).

For those unqualified, we provide useful information on house renting, and symposiums to inform students of special notes about leasing, rental contract book and so on.



Door key, wardrobe, desk, chair, drawers, bed, bookshelf, desk lamp, free internet (please purchase your own bedding).


   Bedroom: cabinet (for things, shoes), window (glass, aluminum frame, yarn window), telephone, fan, curtains, mirror, ladder, door, door lock, light, air conditioner, air conditioner remote control.

   Living-room: television, sofa, newspaper, reading desk & chair, bookshelf, cabinet.

   Laundry: washing machine, clothes dryer, water fountain.

   Safety facilities: escape sling, exit signs, illuminating equipment, fire extinguisher, alert alarm.

Lodging students should self-provide articles according one’s needs and without disobeying Student Dormitory Regulations. In public places students must not add or install new equipment unless permission is granted.