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Dormitory Regular Inspection For 2020 Semester.

Date of Announcement: October 30, 2020.

Subject: Dormitory Regular Inspection For 2020 Semester.


I.       According to NTOU Student Dormitory Regulations and NTOU Student Dormitory Contract.

II.    The time of regular inspection is between 20:00 to 22:00 from November 23rd, 2020 to November 26th, 2020. The schedule is as follows:

Time / Place

Male 1st Dorm

Male 2nd Dorm

Female 1st Dorm

Male 3rd Dorm

Female 2nd Dorm

Nov. 23rd (Mon.)

1st to 2nd Floor

1st to 3rd Floor


1st ,9th to 10th Floor

Nov. 24th (Tue.)

3rd to 4th Floor

4th to 6th Floor


2nd to 5th Floor

Nov. 25th (Wed.)

5th Floor

7th to 10th Floor

1st to 3rd Floor

6th to 8th Floor

Nov. 26th (Thu.)



4th to 5th Floor


Nov. 27th (Fri.) to Dec. 4th (Fri.)  Re Check

III. Dormitory counselors, the Director-General of each dormitory student association, and manager of each floor will together stop by each room during inspection time.

IV. All dormitory students are required to show up and prepare their student ID for checking. Any dormitory student, who didn’t attend by that time, will receive a re-check notice.

V.   In light of paragraph 12 of Article 14 of Dormitory Management rule, any dormitory student who doesn’t cooperate during the inspection time or possesses restricted goods will be deducted 4 points.

VI. If students are unavailable or do not show up at schedule time, please respectively come to reception desk of each dormitory for making an appointment with dormitory counselors between November 27th , 2020 to December 4th , 2020.

VII.  Further notice will be issue if required.

Division of Dormitory Guidance

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