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Beds in the dormitory shall be assigned according to the following priority (if the beds are in short supply, lot drawing will be conducted to decide the designation of beds).

1.       Students with physical or mental disabilities: students issued with disability certification or handbook, students assessed as special education students by the Ministry of Education and students issued with assessment certificate by the Special Education Students Diagnosis and Placement Counseling Committee.

2.      Overseas Chinese students, and international students.

3.      Students from low-income or low-and-middle-income family: with certificate showing low-income or low-and-middle-income family.

4.      Indigenous students.

5.      The member of Student Dormitory Association and rent house system maintenance students.

6.      Full-time undergraduate school freshmen whose permanent addresses are outside Keelung City.

7.      Freshmen of graduate schools, freshmen of bachelor’s programs of extension education (limited to those who graduated from senior high school for less than two years) and current transfer students whose permanent addresses are outside Keelung City.

8.      Students with difficult circumstances which are reviewed and approved.

9.      Students whose permanent addresses are outside Keelung City.

10.   Students whose permanent addresses are in Keelung City.

In addition to incoming student, undergraduate students in their freshman, sophomore and junior years, master’s students in their first years, PhD students in their first, second and third years are qualified to participate in the lot drawing. Students who study in the departments of with the legally required study period longer than the normal departments may participate in the lot drawing with special permit.